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Re: Australia?


I'm in Melbourne, born in NZ, but now lived in Aus for 11 yrs.

Alice is fairly remote and generally hot. People might also label it feral and/or redneck. Wildlife is dingoes, 'roos, spiders, snakes.....not sure if they have crocs there too. Aboriginal people live there.....worth mentioning because there are some places in Aus where they are not visible at all and just don't live. You will sometimes see them sitting in groups in parks, reserves, shopping areas, just families hanging out.

Alcohol might be banned, can't remember, or maybe just very tightly regulated.

Aus is a great place for kids and yes, bananas are super expensive right now because of hurricanes that wiped out the banana plantations a couple of years ago. Food has to be trucked in to Alice, so can be a little expensive.

Not too anti American in general, some people dont travel and just believe what they see in movies.

A great opportunity, hope you get it!
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