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Re: Tell me about Grande Prairie, Alberta

Originally Posted by DillyDay View Post
born and raised there for the first 20 years of my life!

it's a good small town to live in.. okay.. so not so small anymore. lots of playgrounds for kids. good schools.

From what my mother tells me (she still lives there) it is NOT easy to find a doctor (my old family doc is retiring soon, booo!), and peditricians up there, you can get into by referral ONLY.

Groceries prices seem okay to me! and i live in edmonton now. Bonus side! no more PST for you!
Thanks!! We're really liking GP so far! I somehow managed to find a family doctor right away. Everyone I tell that too is shocked. They were opening a new clinic and I happened to call just in time! And now I'm pregnant so I got refferred to an OB/GYN right away

Having a better selection of stores helps with the grocery budget for sure! We do find a lot of things more expensive here, but the wages are much better so I guess it all equals out in the end!
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