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Re: Doc did a poor 20wks Scan--Need Thoughts/Ideas

I had my 20 week scan two weeks ago. I'm measuring pretty small and had the same problem. The tech spent 10-MAYBE 15 min's with me and didn't check at least some of the things I'm worried about. Mine was done by a tech at an US place not in the doc's office. We went in and she said, "let me just get some measurements and then we'll go over everything at the end. " She then flew through her measurements and at the end said, "okay now I'll show you the stuff your interested in." She then proceeded to give me a junky view of babies face (really the top of babies head) and then "here is babies foot". That was it. As if those were the only things we were interested in looking at. We were the last appt. of the day and we think that is why everything was done so shoddy and rushed.

We were rushed through the door so fast DH and I didn't realize we should have complained then and there. I have my MW appt. next week. While there I'm going to ask her if everything was up to par with the scan. I guess I'll go from there.
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