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Re: Doc did a poor 20wks Scan--Need Thoughts/Ideas

I'm an ultrasound tech...
First of all, if you are uncomfortable with your scan ask for another one someplace else! You have every right to do that!!!

You can tell if there is a 3-vessel cord without turning on the doppler (the red/blue color). A normal cross-section gray scale picture of a normal cord kind of looks like Mickey Mouse... a circle for each vessel.
Amniotic fluid can pool with big pockets in one location depending on the position of the baby, one big pocket (depending on size) can be perfectly normal and the next time baby moves it may be more equally distributed. Our typical 20 wk scan does include an AFI (amniotic fluid index) where pockets of fluid are measured in four different quadrants.... right upper & lower and left upper & lower. However it is fairly obvious at 20 weeks if there is adequate fluid without measuring it.

Typical measurements at an anatomy scan are the humerus, femur, BPD (head measurement), and abdomen.
Within the brain we always measure the cisterna magna, and lateral ventricles to check for normal size. Typically though if there is a problem it is obvious and isn't found by looking at the actual number in the measurement, it sticks out like a sore thumb if it's too big or small. As will a cyst or a hydro.
We always check the kidneys and bladder to ensure the kidneys are functioning, look at the spine, both hands and feet, measure distance between eye orbits, check the nose/lips for palate deformities, and thoroughly check the heart (look for all for chambers and proper in/out flow). The diaphragm is looked at closely to make sure there are no herniations.
All of that said, those pictures are taken to cover our a$$es as techs. 9 times out of 10 if there is a problem you can see it almost as soon as you start scanning, the rest is just documentation for records and to prove it to the Dr. reading the scan because they aren't seeing it in real time. I'm not saying your dr. did do all of this and did give you a proper test, but he may not have taken as many pictures or as much time because he was seeing it in real time instead of looking at a bunch of still shots taken by someone else.
I would not let a Dr. do my scan though, I would go to a registered sonographer who does it all day long.... I would trust their eyes and abilities over any dr. I've seen scan.
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