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Re: Doc did a poor 20wks Scan--Need Thoughts/Ideas

Originally Posted by Pikemommy View Post
I hate to admit this, but that's how a lot of ultrasounds are. As a mom you want to sit and enjoy watching your sweet little baby and be reassured that everything is healthy.... At a diagnostic ultrasound the point is not to put on a show, it's to see that the baby has all it's parts. I know where I work we can't turn in a test if we haven't gotten everything (or proven that something was missing/wrong) so I would assume asking your MW if it was up to par isn't going to get the response you want, I'm sure diagnostically your tech took all the pictures she was supposed to. What she didn't do was put you at ease and take time with you which is unfortunate but doesn't mean you got a bad test.
Complain to the facility, it sounds like they were understaffed and the tech rushed through the fun stuff and was in a rush to get in there, get the pictures, and get out. A lot of hospitals don't allow techs to talk about the diagnostic portion and only allow them to talk about feet/hands/profile shot/etc.
Also to consider, you can pay to have an entertainment scan...there are places popping up all over that offer this. I think you will get more of what you were hoping for at a place like this.
Sorry to say this but I am not looking for 'entertainment" when I go to get my anatomy scan. It's true that I'm not a tech but I do have a strong biology background and am interested in the diagnostics of the test. I can also follow along with a test fairly well. It's the diagnostics that are going to make me feel better not so much as the "oooh and ahhh factor" In fact I had a tech that I wanted to strangle because there as way too much of the cutsie utsie type stuff. I KNOW there were measurements that she never took. For example she never even looked at the babies face. Babe was in a weird position and wouldn't show it's face. She didn't even try to get the baby to move to a better position.
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