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Re: Doc did a poor 20wks Scan--Need Thoughts/Ideas

Originally Posted by Ellasundies View Post
Sorry to say this but I am not looking for 'entertainment" when I go to get my anatomy scan. It's true that I'm not a tech but I do have a strong biology background and am interested in the diagnostics of the test. I can also follow along with a test fairly well. It's the diagnostics that are going to make me feel better not so much as the "oooh and ahhh factor" In fact I had a tech that I wanted to strangle because there as way too much of the cutsie utsie type stuff. I KNOW there were measurements that she never took. For example she never even looked at the babies face. Babe was in a weird position and wouldn't show it's face. She didn't even try to get the baby to move to a better position.
I wasn't trying to insult your intelligence at all mama, I'm so sorry if it came out that way I just wanted to explain that some places won't allow the techs to talk about the anatomy to patients. I worked at a hospital that wouldn't allow us to turn the screen towards the patient until we had documented all pertinent anatomy. Where I'm at now we can say "this is the head" as we measure or "this is the area of the kidneys" but we can't answer further questions or say much more other than "the dr. will review all the pictures later and can address any questions you have then".
Ultrasounds in general create a lot of animosity towards the person doing them. It's one of few tests where you KNOW the person doing it has the answers. You don't come out of a Cat Scan and expect the tech to explain the pictures to you or ask the x-ray tech to come review your films with you. It's much higher emotion because it involves a baby. It's the same way with the cancer patient who wants to know if the cancer spread to the liver, I can't say to them "this is your liver" without them asking "what's that bright spot that looks like a bullseye"... I can't answer that question, but once I open the door with explaining some things it's hard to shut it without saying to much KWIM? That's why A LOT of techs say very little explanation about what they are looking at.
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