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Re: Birth weight vs coming home weight?

I had 3 preemies (the others were 41w @ 7lb 1oz, 37w @ 6lb 1oz, 38w @ 6lb 1oz, 38w @ 6lb 1oz)


#4 was 36w 1d. was 5lb 7oz at birth. was 5lb 1oz when we left the hospital 2 days later.

#6 was 35w 6d. was 6lb 14oz at birth. we left the hospital 3 hours after she was born (she was a planned homebirth but due being pre-term had to be in hospital. the earliest they would let us go was 3 hours.)

#7 was 32w exactly. weighed 3lb 14oz @ birth. dropped to 3lb 7oz. he spent 32 days in the NICU. weighed just over 5lb when he was released. he was 36w gestation at release. (he was teensy tiny for a long time...5th percentile in height & weight. he is now 19m & he did catch up!)
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