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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

For a different opinion - we homeschool our ppd-nos (with some aspie traits) son.

He went to public school for k - 2. This is our first year of homeschooling and he is doing SO MUCH BETTER! He had a lot of anxiety and depression which is TOTALLY gone now that he isn't in a situation that he has no control over. As I used to think when he was at PS - how awful would it be to be stuck day in and day out in a world where you don't understand the language.

On a side note it makes it easier to co-ordinate his Dr's appointments too since he is no longer "missing" school to get the help he needs. My son has several other medical complications too but this would really hold true to most kids in any sort of therapy - there is only so many hours in the day to get it all done.

I found school wasted so much time - time lining up - time watching movies - time waiting for the teacher, other students etc. We are able to do an entire day of school in three hours - it would be faster but his older brother is being homeschooled now too and we have other children so our day has lots of playtime and breaks for babies.

As for being social - we have joined several activities and have found that there is just so much more time now to enjoy life and do the classes, arts, social things - that our kids wanted to do but we couldn't fit into their schedules.

The best thing about schooling my boys at home is I am able to MAKE sure they understand what is going on. We can take our time and go slowly through the concepts they aren't getting. We can devote entire days to science projects - just because they like them. I KNOW my kids are "getting it" and not being rushed ahead because the class is moving on without them.

As a first year homeschooler I am not going to lie and say it is perfect all the time. We do hit bumps - in learning - in scheduling (my extended family has a REALLY hard time accepting that 9 - 12 is NOT time for anything else.) I've lost my temper - we still have trouble with transitions -

BUT at the end of the day we haven't seen a psychiatrist for 5 months for our boy. He is the sweetest, loviest, little guy - he just couldn't handle the stress and worry and seperation. (He was never picked on, it wasn't a bully issue - he just couldn't cope.) He tried REALLY hard to fake it - to be a "good boy" but every few months as he aged it would slip. No 5 - 6- 7 year old should ever suffer from depression - childhood is too short!

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