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Re: low blood platelets?

It is normal for your platelets to lower in pregnancy, because of the additional blood volume. Anything over 100 is definitely still a great number and nothing to worry about. Especially with how far along you are.
So, I wouldn't let it worry you, but I would continue to get your levels checked, just to be sure something else isn't going on, kwim?

I have ITP - idiopathic thrombocytopenia - which means my platelets (normally, randomly, not just while pregnant, although pregnancy is a "trigger" for me) just decide to die off and my levels lower.
FWIW, I am happy with normal, every day not pregnant levels of 100.
With my second pregnancy I was only down to mid-70s at birth. With my third I was down to low 60s and they did a transfusion before, during, and for the 24hrs following my csection. With my 4th (vbac) I was down to very low 50s at birth - again, transfusions during labor and for the first 24hrs after birth.
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