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Re: huge lump in breast, any ideas?

just fyi, i got very very bad mastitis when i was nursing ds from a clogged duct that wouldn't clear up. the lump was HUGE! but i never had any of the usual symptoms, no redness, no pain, no fever. nothing. so i put off going to the dr for a long time. i'm embarassed to even say how long i let it go on. by the time i went and got it checked out, the midwife was afraid i was going to need surgery to clear it up. luckily, 4 rounds of very strong antibiotics cleared it up. but i think they messed up ds's tummy for a long time and he didn't gain weight well for several months. it was insane, and i feel really bad for not going in sooner.

all that to say, i've had other clogged ducts since and been able to clear them pretty quickly with frequent nursing, pumping, massage, and warm compresses. but i wouldn't let it go more than a week or so before getting it checked out, just to make sure.

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