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Re: Exposed to fifths diease :( Worried

I should get my bloodwork back this week sometime.. My doctor is out of town for 3 weeks but i'll call the office and if there is an issue I can see another doctor in the practice.

Thank you for all the replies! the more I read about 5th the more I think either its not what she had/has or the fever she had was not part of it at all and in that case the rash showed up on a Sunday while she was with her mom and had been since Friday and I had not seen her at all since Tuesday so I would not have been exposed then.

Its just so scary! I'm 12 weeks today so I was starting to feel a tiny bit "out of the woods" baby measured normal at all 3 ultrasounds I've had (At 7 weeks, 9 weeks and 10.5 weeks) and i've picked up the heartbeat twice now on the doppler and now this to worry about. I just want to enjoy this pregnancy and I feel like I haven't been able to (Baby was conceived while I was on BC pills and I was worried about the chance of M/C)

Tina- Keep me updated in the DDC about what your OB/Midwife? says/does and i'll keep both of us in my prayers!
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