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Re: Breastfeeding while in NICU...Did it work for you?

I had PROM (premature rupture of the membrane) & baby arrived 3 weeks ago at 32.5 weeks gestation. I also pumped diligently right after my section (my first). But I was in the hospital for 5 days of recovery. With support from the nurses, lactation gals & the hospital grade pump my milk came in a day 3. Quantity slowly increased with every pump & the more skin to skin time with LO. DS had an NG tube and was getting mostly BM until my supply matched his feeding requirement in ml. I too am small an A cup, but I focused on my DS and really believed my milk would sustain & my DS would thrive on it. It was not easy when I was released from hospital and had to pump at home so he could continue to have BM in the bottle. We BF several times and fortunately it was very successful. He much preferred the boob to nipple feeding but he is a very flexible easy going little guy.
It would be worth it for you to try. Pumping in itself is challenging but even more so when you don't have your baby close. I had to mentally be relaxed and really believe (psych myself out) that BM was going to get my baby to gain weight and reach all the milestones necessary to get him home. If with your situation with your hands so full,if it isn't a success, go easy on yourself. It's okay, you can feel good knowing that you did you best & tried. Sending you good BM mojo & wishing you the best.
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