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Post Re: Circumcision has profoundly affected every member of my family...

Originally Posted by Kriket View Post
ITA. I think when people first find out they are intactivists they are extra gung-ho. And it can be overwhelming. It is a very serious issue to many, but you are totally right, a little compassion and caring can go a long way

I find myself rolling my eyes at the car seat activist crowd for the same reasons It's not that they are wrong, they are just intense!
I am very passionate about carseats as well but I am too much of an introvert to approach strangers. I do however school my family and friends My sister is getting ready to have her first and I have given her the appropriate car seat usage spcheel (is that how you spell it???) I don't know if she will want to extended reaf face or not but I do want to make sure she knows how to properly install the car seat and buckle the baby in safely, the rest is up to her to decide. I also briefly discussed my experience with circumcision with her in case she found out baby was a boy (but it's a girl!) and just told her why I felt the way I did and that it was something she should definitely do some research on. I was pleased to find out she had already done some research!!!
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