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Re: Circumcision has profoundly affected every member of my family...

I had my oldest circ'ed against my better judgement. His bio dad and the Dr were against me 14 years ago. It was awful. He had so many issues, including pain when healing, UTIs and YIs while in diapers than none of my intact boys had/have. It is an emotional subject to me as well.

I can say that my oldest says he "likes" his penis better than his brothers' (he asked at 11 yrs old when I had his first brother what was wrong with his penis) penises. I told him that it was no longer recommended to cut a male, as the penis is fine the way it is. My DH is also happy he is circ'd while I am not. I have 2 intact sons and a 3rd intact son on the way. I told my DH that circing our sons was not going to happen EVER and if he did not like that, not to have children with me.
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