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Re: Circumcision has profoundly affected every member of my family...

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
ITA. I feel it's definitely a thing to be passionate about. If you read a thread "How do I take care of my circumsized girl's diapers" I'm sure there would be no gentle answer tell the OP how to care for her - everyone would be outraged. I just don't get how it's so normal and ok to cut off a foreskin, but to cut off a baby girl's clitoris. They are exactly the same to me. It's unfair, unnatural and against that human's right as far as I'm concerned.
Because they cannot see past their cultural blinders. All their lives they have been told, tacitly, via locker room stories, etc., that the foreskin is superfluous, unnecessary, dirty, gross and has to be removed. Most people are not curious enough to challenge any culturally-received information.

Now, someone is going to come here and say how male and female circumcision are not the same, that it is terrible for the woman, that she can never have an orgasm, that it is done to control women's sexuality, etc. What this person does not know is that they are exactly the same. Most female circumcisions remove only the clitoral hood and are done by doctors in clean hospitals or offices. This is exactly the same as male circumcision. Most circumcised women like sex just fine and have no problem orgasming. They think female circumcision is really important and necessary. Some men have very little sensation left because of their circumcision, and have trouble orgasming. Male circumcision was also explained as a way to control make sexuality, both in medieval times by a Jewish rabbi and in the 1800s by US doctors. That was the entire point - make sex less pleasurable. They are EXACTLY the same.

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