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Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

Disclaimer - please, no anti-circ rhetoric. We have made an educated decision for our family, to circumcise our sons based on religious beliefs. I know not everyone agrees with it, and that is fine. And I open to ALL opinions, but I am not open to having someone tell me that I am mutilating my child, or anything along those lines. Thank you for respecting my disclaimer .

DS3 was not circ'd at birth. Long story short, we delivered all our children at the same hospital, and they had changed their policies right before DS3 was born. We were not allowed to be with him during the circ, and we simply weren't comfortable with that. So, we chose not to have the circ done at the hospital.

The original plan was to have it done shortly after birth, either by our pediatrician or a urologist. Unfortunately, it never happened... DS3 has GERD and we've spent the past 3.5 months trying to get that under control. The circ issue has taken a backseat. But now DH is really pushing to have it done, and I'm worried about it. Our other two boys were circ'd a few days after birth. DS3 is almost 4 months old, and I'm just concerned that we've waited too long. I'm worried it will hurt more, and have a longer healing time.

Has anyone circ'd a baby this age, or older? Are there any drawbacks (besides the obvious "no circ" reasons)?
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