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Re: Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

DS had his done when he was around 5 months actual. His was due to medical necessity but for some crazy reason they didn't do it during the 4 months he was in the NICU So he had it done as an outpatient. I made DH take him b/c even though they were claiming medical necessity...i think it was more of a CYA in case this things goes south. But it was horrible. DS needed what the urologist called an "aggressive" circ so he did have general...well actually i think they gave him a spinal. You won't be able to feed him for 12 hours prior to the procedure. And they kept bumping ds surgery time back so dh had to sit there with a screaming starving infant for several hours more than originally anticipated. He had an iv. And then you had to have a second adult come with for the ride home to supervise the infant in the car seat (i guess it is possible that they could be drowsy enough that their head could fall forward and block off their airway...pretty unlikely imo, but they required it or the wanted to admit ds for monitored recovery.

And when he came home his diaper was SOAKED in blood. More blood than I would think a tiny preemie could lose and still be ok. I FREAKED out. And it looked so AWFUL and raw and painful. I felt like a horrible mother to let them do this to my son. I still feel awful about it. And then pulling off they scab...was traumatic too.

I am not trying to scare you. It was just a traumatic experience for us. And my ds was right around the age of your ds so I though I would share. Hugs to you...i hope things are smoother for you guys.
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