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Re: Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

Originally Posted by mama.timms View Post
I'm going to talk to DH tonight about waiting until he's older. I know DH wants it done now... he thinks it will hurt worse, the older he gets. But the points made about pain management are great ones!
Yes, they are.

Originally Posted by mama.timms View Post
I just wish we had had it done at birth. I wish the hospital hadn't changed their policy, about allowing parents to stay with their babies during the procedure. But wishful thinking is useless in this case, I suppose.
Maybe there is a reason for him not being able to have it done at birth. More time to think about it and determine if you are sure about your decision.

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Follow your Mama heart.
I agree.

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
I understand that he feels very strongly about this issue.

I am not religious personally so I am curious about his convictions.
I read/hear about this often. I understood that in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism man was created by God in his image. I understand that Jewish and Muslim people circ for religious reasons as well. I am truly curious why and where the religious conviction comes from? I would love to understand better.

I understand VERY well what a challenge this can be in a marriage. When we became pregnant w/ DS I was very adament about leaving him intact. It did put a strain on our relationship. Now 8 years later I am very glad that I stood my ground. DH has even come to me and thanked me for pushing the issue.
I am interested in the bolded also. And for the last paragraph, Dh and I didn't agree either. I gathered all the info and he just looked past it. I told him that I would not circ and if he was as adament to circ as I was to not, then he would have to get the info/research and convince me. He couldn't, so little man is intact. He still thinks he should be circ'd, but I will leave that up to DS to decide when he can make the decision.

Originally Posted by Janine View Post
We kept DS intact on my insistence and DH was not happy about it, which he would mention periodically after DS was born. I finally called his bluff by calling up some circ doctors locally to enquire about having it done. In my limited experience, it was difficult finding a doctor even willing to do it at my sons age (3 months old at the time). I called several doctors who said 2 months was their cut off. Which was fine with me since I wasn't going to let it happen anyways. But then again circ'ing is very uncommon where I live. So maybe it is different elsewhere.
Same here. He will probably always say something about it.
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