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Re: Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

Originally Posted by RaZZberry View Post
Sure, I love sharing this info. He's a very good man and the idea of hurting me just kills him. He hasn't started restoring yet but we are looking into the different methods. Many of them are safe, painless and can be done at home. This site has some wonderful information-

My thread should be back open in a few days. We just wanted to give it a chance to cool down because it got heated.

I don't want to get this thread off track so feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss it further.
My husband has used the manual stretching method, socket method, and TLC Tugger. All work great, but the TLC is by far the easiest. He did it for me and him <3 Less pain = More sex ; )
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