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Re: Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

Thank you, everyone, for your opinions/experiences... and for sharing them in a respectful manner . I was scared to post this at first, because I've seen so many circ threads turn into something incredibly rude (from people on both sides of the debate), and I didn't want to start something like that, LOL.

Anyway... let's see if I can remember all the points I wanted to address...

DH and I have talked about it many times since we found out we were expecting our first son (almost 5 years ago), and we do believe in our decision to circumcise. Thankfully, DH and our two sons have never had any problems due to their circumcisions. It's heartbreaking to hear the stories of what some boys/men have gone through. Our nephew had to re-circ'd when he was almost 3 years old, and it was a very painful experience for him.

I'm just torn on the issue of circ'ing DS3. The only reason I don't want to do it, is because of the pain it will cause him. He has a pedi appointment next week, so I'll be asking the pedi for his opinion on the subject. He's a DO, and is very AP/natural-medicine minded, and I trust his opinion when it comes to situations like this.

Anyway, thank you again, everyone, for responding .
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