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9 days later she finally came on her own

We were set for an induction on the 11th and based on the hospitals actions on that day and the couple leading to it we made a drastic decision to not go with my Dr nor hospital to have our baby.
We went to the other hospital in town to see if they could even deliver her and to register/transfer records... we had no idea that just a few hours later we would be showing up in full blown labor so definitely perfect timing

A recap of her arrival:
- last minute we decide to ditch my Dr and hospital on Friday and deliver at another hospital whenever I went into labor
- show up to the new hospital on Friday at 5pm to get registered and have my records transfered over (no signs of labor and no changes in cervix)
- go back home and cross fingers a miracle happens while my birth photographer is still in town (she drove 3.5 hrs to stay with us expecting an induction)
- I realize (while I'm trying to sleep) that what I'm feeling are pretty strong contractions that are getting stronger and closer together
- we get to the hospital at 12:30am and turns out I'm 5cm already
- 1hr later I'm at 8cm and epidural is in place
- they need me to slow down in order to get enough antibiotics I need because of the strep B stuff. They ask me to not push and choose not to break my water until all the medicine is in
- I'm noticing my epidural wearing out. They can't give me anymore, they try other stuff but it's not really working (eventually they realize it was a placement issue... my stomach was numb but I felt everything waist down )
- they break my water and I start pushing. It hurts really bad and I beg them to use the vacuum and suck her out and get it over with
- she comes out at 6:11 facing the wrong way (which is why it hurt so much when she was descending)
- she poops on me and bites the nurse

I'm doing her newborn session in stages, lol and here's what I took on day 2 Yes, she does have a wonky head because of the vacuum.

We broke in our CDs today

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