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Re: Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

Originally Posted by swedishmaiden View Post
Out of curiosity, was this something you suggested to him and he wanted to do...or did he think of it on his own? (Feel free to not answer if it's too personal!)
I suggested. We were rarely having sex because it hurt too much (for both him and I). His skin was SOOO tight before, it was painful to have an erection, and the skin where the frenulum used to be, seriously looked like it could tear Now that he has done restoration for awhile, he actually has slack skin and it feels WAY better for both of us!!

As a little history--When we started dating, we were young teenagers (15/16), and everything felt fine. He hit a late growth spurt at about 18-19 years old, and he basically grew just a little more length--and basically he outgrew the skin of his penis. Crazy. But now that he started restoring awhile ago, things have been SO much better!
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