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Re: Circ'ing a 4 month old - pros/cons?

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
Good question! I just mentioned that they can do foreskin restoration to DH and he cringed and said no way! He is afraid it would hurt. I know NOTHING about this, but I am intrigued as to how it works and what exactly he does. Or is it something a doc Does it hurt? How long did it take? Did it actually help? I am super curious about all this as you can tell lol.
Foreskin restoration should NEVER hurt. If it hurts, you are doing something wrong, and need to stop. The biggest learning curve with restoration, is getting the product on fast enough to not get an erection, lol. That has been my husband's only problem, having to handle himself while applying the Tugger. The more every day it gets though, the easier it is to just slip on without a second thought. In a matter of months, you will notice more slack skin. To fully restore, it takes 2-3 years. Really young men can do it in 18 months. Basically, what you are doing, is stretching the skin, just as if a person is using balloon inflation for skin expansion for a surgery. As you pull the skin taut, the skin generates new cells to fill the gap. Easy as that!

I see you are expecting a boy. For just $2 postage fee and proof of pregnancy (just an appt slip is fine), TLC Tugger will send your husband a free Your Skin cone. If your husband has just a little slack skin (meaning if he was at least semi-loosely circumcised), he can try this out right away. Basically, he rolls his skin over his glans, then places this cone on to retain the skin there. It just stays in place due to the dynamics of the product and the male anatomy. The purpose of this....Your husband wears this throughout the day for a few days, taking it off to use the restroom, shower, but leaving it on otherwise. He will notice that each time he takes it off, his glans feels more and more sensitive. The first time my husband experienced this (with the Tugger, not the cone alone, but same idea), it literally sent chills down his spine.

I'll send you the link to the free cone. Not sure if it'd be labeled as spam on here. Also, just browse the TLC website, they have lots of great information, including Ron's personal pictures and videos of his restoration. Keeping in mind, he's probably quite a bit older than your husband, so his took a decent amount of time to complete. (42 months for him as a middle aged man, I believe).
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