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Re: Circumcision has profoundly affected every member of my family...

OP I wanted to offer you because I could have easily been in your shoes! I did absolutely zero research before our oldest was born(partly because I figured I'd have all girls like the rest of my family, we see how that worked out!) and I differed to DH. I figured, I don't have a penis, what do I know? I didn't really feel settled over the prospect of having surgery done on my brand new baby, so I was a little relieved that DH said he wasn't attached one way or the other. I let him know I was a bit traumatized over babysitting our nephew who had an infected plastibel, and he understood. He said he would defer to the doctor and we would get all the facts before we would consent. We were both still expecting to have a girl even though we were officially team green... When our son was born our ped(who is a God send! He was the on call, not the one we selected, he was wonderful, we switched to him and it has been such a blessing!) didn't even offer circ. DH asked him if we should and he flat out said there was no medical reason, it was purely cosmetic and he did NOT recommend it! All that from an older American doctor! I had no idea at the time how unusual that was. I have done my research in the meantime and I absolutely am horrified that I would have let that happen to my son if a different doctor had been on call the day he was born! I feel so ashamed of my self knowing I was not willing to stand up for my newborn all because I had not bothered to research.
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