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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
You're not following the correct form. The OP has to share THEIR story first. Then everyone else has to share their similar stories, a couple intactivists have to come in and warn about the dangers, and then the entire purpose of the thread must be debated.

My DS was circumcised in the hospital after he was born, we had no complications, it healed up fine and looks great today at 12 months. I have read a lot of anti-circ things as well as watched a number of "live" videos of circ's, and while it makes me feel sad, I am happy with our decision. My DH says he doesnt remember his as a baby, he also doesnt remember being born and being smooshed out the birth canal, since that probably hurt a lot too. (please take no offense, he is a joker)
All in all, we had a good experience and I can always say we had it done due to DS's genetic mild hypospadias which would have made having a foreskin a cleanliness/infection issue according to our Ped...
all of my future sons will most likely have the exact same thing as well (since it has genetically been there for 4 + generations) and we will most likely circumcise them too.
I know its a really tough decision, DS will have 2 uncircumcised cousins this spring, but for us, for now, this is what we want
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