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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
You're not following the correct form. The OP has to share THEIR story first. Then everyone else has to share their similar stories, a couple intactivists have to come in and warn about the dangers, and then the entire purpose of the thread must be debated.
Oops, sorry.

We circ for religious reasons.

Our first was circ'd at 13 days because he had issues gaining weight. We did get some incorrect information and at 2.5 he was re-circ'd. Having not seen his penis lately, I can't say what it looks like, but he might do a "touch up" when he is older. We didn't have a choice but to re-circ because it was ll close to covering up his tube to pee from. Done by a pedi.

Second child, also a boy, circ'd at 8 days by an OB, never again, she nicked a vein.

Fourth child, a boy, circ'd at 6 months under anesthesia. Bunch of mess ups with people not knowing office policy and then him being to old. Pediatric Urologist. I am on a hunt to get everyone to go to a pediatric urologist. They are the BEST. He left a bunch of extra skin on purpose. Looked at my son and examined how his skin worked for his penis and then decided what to take from there.

I'm on my sixth child and if it is a boy, we will go back to the same pediatric urologist (who is hot by the way!) and ask for a "biblical circumcision" Where only the very tip of the foreskin is done.

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