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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

What exactly would constitute a "positive circ story?" My oldest son was circumcised in the hospital right after he was born. He was gone for an hour or less and came back to me demonstrating no trauma. I don't remember him crying or reacting to the wound being coated in vaseline while it healed and he didn't have any infection. Up until the time he outgrew being naked in front of his mom (around age 7 or so?) he had normal spontaneous erections without pain. I was still in the room for all his yearly checkups with the pediatrician until he was in early puberty, and neither my son nor the doctor mentioned any problems with his penile development.

He's now a grown man. I don't think he's a virgin. He hasn't asked to see a doctor about problems with his penile function.

Unlike all the other things I've dealt with in my oldest son's life, his circumcision's "success" isn't something I thought about. I wasn't overjoyed, or fulfilled religiously or socially, or proud of myself, or proud of his penis, or delighted with its appearance, or greatly relieved of a huge worrisome weight on my shoulders, or satisfied that I had arrived at a workable answer to a great dilemma. I think his "story" is much closer to neutral than it is to positive. I thought it was expected, I had it done to him, he didn't die or become infected or bleed dangerously or lose his penis or have significant scarring or adhesions or a need for further surgery. I have no reason to believe he's impotent.

When my second and third sons were born, I had learned that all those things could have happened to him, for no reason, so I didn't circ them.

I really do feel pretty positive about that decision, but that's neither here nor there.
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