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Re: Moms of girls, lets discuss anthing BUT circ stories...

Originally Posted by Scarlett's mommy View Post
I'm terrified of the teen years LOL

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You aren't the only one. My DD at almost 9 has to wear undershirts, no bra to fit her, and has that pre-teen attitude. Ugh! I so want to just fly through the next 9-10 years or so sometimes.

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
Penises? What penis?

My lil princess (yes, she's a princess, just ask her) is a girlie girl most days. She loves to get herself all dolled up and then go play in the dirt. I make her playdresses and use the garish fabric she chooses for those!

I really need to get on the stick about Christmas outfits. We did black and white for easter and I'm contemplating expanding that a bit since a lot still fits! Maybe add a red tie/vest. I am trying to sew through some of my "stash" before buying more. Must get off computer!
Your DD sounds just like mine. Dresses up and goes playing in the dirt. I try to keep the fancy dresses for special stuff. Then have play dresses that if they get stained is no biggie.

Oh i like the tie/vest idea. Maybe a red sash/belt on your DD instead of a vest?

I need to get going on Christmas gifts. Working on a special set for a friend. Then focusing on DD and my other friend's kids. I am trying to stay within my stash. I have boys in the list though and most my stash is girly.
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