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Re: Moms of girls, lets discuss anthing BUT circ stories...

Originally Posted by Squeaky McMurdo View Post
My girls are streakers.

I don't know what the currently incubating baby is, but several times I have thought in horror--I will have 3 teenagers in 13 years, possibly all girls
It is kinda funny. I have 2 teen nephews and 1 teen niece at the moment. The youngest nephew is a handful, but has other issues, just diagnosed bi-polar.
My oldest nephew was a pretty good kid, but had a few things going on for a bit. Straightened out by 16. My niece has always been great! Sure she has a bit of an attitude but well so does her mom at 40 so she comes by it honestly . So some aren't that bad. My niece is 16 and working, her choice.
Now my DD on the other hand is totally opposite my niece so we shall see how the teen years go.
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