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Re: Moms of girls, lets discuss anthing BUT circ stories...

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Apparently, MCP's kids add up to 110%

We've got a girly-girl in the house, much to my chagrin...she'll be dressing up this Saturday morning to go have breakfast w/ Santa when he arrives at the local mall. This will either go really, really well or really, really poorly...who wants to take bets on which it is?
How old is she? If between 2-4 I bet poorly. 4-5 hmmm 50/50 I will say good/better. 6+ Should be good.
My DD was awesome with Santa first year..she was almost a year old. 2nd year was a disaster. 3rd year she wanted to go, begged, disaster again though not as bad as year before. 4th year we didn't go. 5th year she wanted to go and it was fine. We haven't gone car/ easy access and long bus ride. She did see the Easter Bunny this April and was great though she is 8.
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