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Re: Anyone in France?



See if there's a Bebe au Naturel group near you. I found one here and met lots of like-minded women there. If that doesn't exist see if there's an ecological organisation, our Bebe au Naturel just merged with one and it's been great. The women I've met through this have become great friends and founts of information. Also the magazine that someone mentioned in an earlier post- Grandir Autrement...they've started a "petits annonces" section. It's mostly people loo0king to start schools, but you might find something there. I just got my most recent issue and haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I've had a difficult time finding the French online forums, but maybe you'll have better luck.

In terms of laundry, I do SOOOO much of that that it needs to be easy. So I use the same detergent for everything. I do, however wash my diapers in two separate loads. We use FuzziBunz, so the outer, PUL parts get washed alone, on 40 (I've had problems with the PUL separating with any higher temp) and the microfibre inserts, along with the bamboo doublers, get washed at 60 (or 90 if I'm feeling that they need it).

I use Ecover, not delicate even, just regular. My favourite brand from the US just isn't available here, but I find that Ecover does the job and doesn't have all the perfums and things. I do get it at an organic coop (BioCoop), and at least here in Brest, it's not sold in the big supermarchés. You can probably order it online, in the UK I did that and saved lots of money, but I used to buy it in bulk (50L) and haven't found that here. If you do, PLEASE let me know!!! I can ask my friends what they use, too. I haven't looked in the big supermarchés to see if they have special baby detergents (Like we do in the US), but if they do, I imagine those would work, too.

Ok speaking of laundry and diapers....I need to get back to it! Good luck!!!
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