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Re: Circumcision has profoundly affected every member of my family...

RaZZberry, you may work through this pain as you see fit but you very well may not be able to use this site as part of the process. Threads like this get very complicated. I explained all this to you earlier.

You are thanking everyone who supports you but taking offense to everyone who doesn't or who questions you or offers advice (even politely)
That won't end up going over well with ladies on here. Even the ones who support you and your cause.

I've known a lot of these ladies on here a long time. I've seen mcpforever post a few questionable things (who hasn't done so if they have spent longer than 3 days on here!) but her post here that you took offense with wasn't one of those things. She was being polite. I believe you are taking offense to things too easily and being defensive as a result.

Your taking my words out of context and using them to threaten a longtime member on here is not okay with me. My job here is incredibly tough. I have to try to keep peace, be a mediator and at times,be a lot tougher than I want to be. These are women I care a lot about. I don't always agree with them and I've had to make a few hard calls on things that I would have rather not made. However, I will always support the ladies on this site, regardless of past history, when I see them being fairly polite and then being attacked for it.

I'm locking this thread but will leave it up.You may still keep the link to your story in your siggy but I'd suggest your plugging in on other areas of the site and getting to know these women when it comes to things not related to circumcision.They are a great bunch.

Circumcision is a very sensitive subject for everyone, rather they are for it or against it. We all know this and need to stay respectful of this regardless of how we personally feel...

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