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I feel like a failure this time, update in post #18 & #26

Nothing went the way I thought it would, or was hoping it would.
  • I had a C/S
  • I can't breastfeed, I never had any sort of supply
  • I can't pump, nothing comes out
  • I haven't bonded with the babies yet, they are still little strangers to me
  • I may have to go back to work in a week, when FMLA runs out

I have been to the Dr. about PPD, and I started zoloft a week & a half ago, and I'm starting counseling this week too. There's no joy in anything I do, it's all such a chore, I'd say pi$$ on it & drive away if I could. I don't feel needed, wanted, or cared about. No one needs me here, for once I'm not needed to feed the babies, which hurts a lot. I really did fail them. No one can give me any answers as to why I can't breastfeed this time.

I think I might go back to work just so I don't have to deal with the crap around here everyday. DH can do it. He does a better job at everything anyway.
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