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I really hope the meds and counseling kicks in soon for you. But besides that, having twins is the hardest thing you'll ever do. Honestly, people without multiples cannot understand how hard and completely different it is. I cried every day for months, and really never hot to enjoy or remember those first couple years! (Sorry, how's that for encouragement!) BUT, here comes encouragement, it does get better and gets really really fun! Mine are almost 4 now, and while we still do have issues purely because we deal with twins (and no, having two close in age is nothing like twins) I love having twins. Seeing their bond, they always have a friend, they call each other their best friend and "take care" of each other when away from is something people without twins will never get to experience. All that to say, you are justified in how you are feeling, but it will get better. Pm me if you need a sympathetic ear!
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