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Originally Posted by jayell79
We should have a safe place to talk about it!

I had an emergency c/s with my first. My stay in the hospital was complete and total hell! I went through 12 hours of pain med free induction. Needless to say, the c/s was not in my birth plan. After DD starting showing signs of distress, I remembered it was & should be all about her, not me & what I wanted. However, I didn't pack for a long stay in the hospital and was completely unprepared. I have an extensive list of food allergies and have to cook all of my food from scratch. For some reason the nurses were refusing to allow my brought in food. One of them even threatened to pump my stomach! WTF? I drank tea, juice, broth & jello for 2 days straight after surgery! Plus I had not eaten since midnight the night before I went in to be endued. I complained to my OBGYN & he came back to the hospital & signed some sort of order allowing brought in food. They still wouldn't let me have it. I finally broke down and ate the hospital food on the 3rd day, and got terribly sick. The nurses messed up on a shift change, and doubled my pain medication making me sick. We lived out of town & hadn't secured someone to take care of our dogs, so my husband had to leave a lot to deal with them. I was hassled to no end about our no vac stand. Oddly enough they didn't press getting the baby vaccinated as much as they did me. They were trying to force me to get the MMR shot before I left, and weren't going to let me leave until I got it. I had already signed the waiver, but they said it had to be signed off on by the hospital administrator or something. At that point I turned into a raging B and threatened to call my lawyer and sue. They had the discharge nurse in my room immediately, and I was in my car not 30 minutes later!

This time I hope things go very differently. Thank god we are in a new city 1/2 way across the country! I would NEVER go back to that hospital, I'd rather die. I'm having a scheduled c/s this time, and will be as prepared as possible. Or at least the hospital will be prepared for me!
That's awful! My sister has a food allergy and had to have her own food at the hospital but they were happy not to have to deal with it.
I'm was in the same boat - a vag birth was really important to me but once the heart rate was down and staying there for long periods of time I was over that quickly! I really am hoping for a vbac next time but won't be devastated if I can't. Why are you choosing a repeat? I hope you have a wayyyy better experience this time!
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