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Re: Is there a support group for c-sections on here?

YAY i love this thread now too!! I agree EVERYONE deserves support no matter their outcome!!! NO one knows how or why someone ended up with a section but there is that percent of people who without it someone horrible could have happened to her or baby or both! i get so sad when i get people coming at me with the you should you should.. we have all been through the thought process! It was SO friggen tuff for me to get over my c-section.. emotionally i literally have just JUST come to terms with my past one and this one i will be having.. HAHAHA and someone said it im kiiiiinda looking forward to my vacation in the hospital I have a 2yo and all though it will be tuff for both him and I to be away from eachother i will be thankful for the people who will take the time to make him comfortable and to make me comfortable.. I NEVER get a break.. so this i will consider my break! MY bf wasnt supportive last time when ds was born.. so had i had a vag birth i see my life as hell..

the only thing id like tho.. is to be able to go as close to my DD as possible.. BUT having it planned means that BF's mom who i adore and use her daily as my support person in life lives in MI and im in CA so she can plan to be here for all us at the right time instead of guess...

YAY and double YAY for this thread!!
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