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Wow dead here lately if the yahoo group is active i don't know cause somehow in not in yet.
I've had a crazy couple of days.

So Sunday night I had massive labor like pains. It hurt so bad I had to go to the er. They gave me something for the pain, (thank God!!!) gave me a ultrasound and a pelvic exam where they found a fibrous mass in my vagina. They wanted me to go yesterday to see a ob/gyn. The dr office didn't call me back until after lunch so my appointment was for scheduled for today instead. But right after that call yesterday I sneezed and a large almost baseball size mass fell out of me. I just barely made it to the toilet before it came out. I'm hoping that was it. The doctor found nothing today. But I have to have a follow up ultrasound to be sure it's all gone. She said it did not seem to be related to my miscarriage. But I wonder of it could have caused the miscarriage, (forgot to ask that) if maybe it was there the whole time. The doctor said she thinks it was a polyp or a fibroid but can't be sure since I didn't fish it out of the toilet and bring it in for her to check out. The nurse seemed especially disappointed about this. Ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning so if anything turns up I'll be sure to tell about it here.
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