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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

(Yeah, I don't think anyone actually read this, but everyone was great so it ended up as I wanted.) This was something I wrote up for my son's birth three years ago. Feel free to lift anything you like.

To my hospital health care providers:

I am eager to make the birth of my son via planned cesarean due to placenta previa as close to the experience of a normal vaginal delivery as possible.

It is important to me to be able to have the baby within my sight, and to touch my baby as much as possible following his birth. Therefore, I do not wish to have any sedative drugs administered intravenously. Please review the contents of my IV with me before administering. I also wish to have at least one arm free during the surgery, preferably both unless I am unable to control my movements.

I wish to delay any non-essential trips to the nursery until after he has had an opportunity to breastfeed. I would appreciate if any routine evaluation could be done in the OR.

It is my goal to latch the baby on the breast within the first hour of life. This is a critical time in the baby's alertness that I wish to take advantage of. With help from my husband and the nursing staff, I should be able to breastfeed in the "biological nurturing" position even if I am still restricted to my back.

My husband will be present for the birth, and at any time that I am physically unable to hold the baby, he will be able to hold him. It is our preference that the baby's body temperature be regulated by skin-to-skin contact rather than under heat lamps.

Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my birth goals. I realize that I may be asking for some things that may be different from the usual order of surgical births. However, my doctor and midwife assure me that the excellent staff at *hospital* will do everything you can to help me have the birth I desire. I am confident that we can make this the most gentle experience for my new son and me.


Originally Posted by Lilmeow View Post
What i really want is for my baby to not leave mine/BF's eye site.. I want her in the OR with me and to follow me to recovery. I want her to nurse ASAP! -- i really know nothing about sections as my first one was a total emergency and i was put under!
You can do this, mama! Check out some of the resources in the 8th edition of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. There is a photo of "breastfeeding after a cesarean section" which shows a mother nursing a baby fully reclining because her blood pressure was too low to sit up. I also happen to know that it was exactly 30 minutes after the opened her up. (I know this because the pic is of me. )

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