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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

Originally Posted by Lilmeow View Post
After my first thread for support on c-sections i have realized I still need a birth plan, this is going to be different then any other plan i have set up with my other 3 babies! SO Id like help getting this started.. Im starting with a totally blank plan! What i really want is for my baby to not leave mine/BF's eye site.. I want her in the OR with me and to follow me to recovery. I want her to nurse ASAP! -- i really know nothing about sections as my first one was a total emergency and i was put under!

and let the ideas/comments and SUPPORT begin!!

Should be totally doable, mama!

I just had my second c/s, and while it wasn't the VBAC I was hoping for, it went very well.

I had an epi (had gotten it a few hours prior while in labor). My arms were not strapped down (the doc said they liked to do it to prevent your arms from falling off the table, but he had no problem leaving me unstrapped). My doc did cut into my old scar. Baby was out about 15 minutes into the surgery, DH went with her while they weighed her, etc. and he was able to bring her back and sit by me after 10 minutes while they finished stitching me up. It took about 30 minutes for them to finish after baby was out, and then we all went to a little recovery room right off the main surgery room so they could monitor my BP, heart rate, and whatever else for 15-20 minutes. I was able to nurse DD about 30 minutes after she was born. The only problem I had during the surgery was nausea, but I got IV meds for that and it went away immediately.

Except for the 10 minutes right after she was born, baby didn't leave my side for our entire hospital stay.

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