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Re: Mamas in Germany, importing baby items and the zoll, help :)

I'm glad you have a good experience overall! It really depends on the individual, much like with TSA at the airport... Our county's Zollamt is small and the guy is just a typical deutscher Beamter (I bet your husband can say a lot about those kinda people)... He's bored and every once in a while someone gets a package from ABROAD! That's sorta the impression I had with him...

I agree about lowballing, it's the only way. Technically Zoll can stop you at the airport too and there is a limit of how much stuff you can bring over, but it has never ever happened to us... But as a precaution my parents wash all the clothes they buy for my nephews here at my house, no tags, washed, so one can say it's used clothing...

My last package is still ... I mean arrrgh why did I write $50? Nursing brain. I hope it will be fine. Shipping was a whopping $67 (I think I was in shock and hence wrote $50)....

I'll fly again to Germany next summer or September, let me know if I can take something along for you, I can ship it cheaply from within Germany
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