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Re: Cyber Monday & more...

Originally Posted by heyuitsme View Post
could just be that she was going through a phase; sydney used to call her dad by name when we were looking for him in a store. like somehow if he was in the same row, he was daddy, but if she couldn't see him, he was "waaaayne!" mommy says when she can't find him.
Haha, Micah does this with Chris too. When I call for Chris, he then yells "CWWWIIIISSSS" too. I do try to correct him, but it's kinda funny too.

AFM, nothing much going on. Just recovering from a somewhat stressful Thanksgiving with the IL's. They were pretty accommodating food wise (since I am dairy free) but other stuff was kind of stressful. Especially when DH's grandma came up to my SIL who was standing right next to me and said "You are such a good mommy" and then said NOTHING to me. HELLLLLOOOOO!!!! It's not like I have given up dairy which used to account for about 40% of my diet just for fun and to be a major pain in the a star star to everyone else. It's for MY DAUGHTER!!! I mean, throw me a freakin' bone or something...not that it would have mattered but some sort of acknowledgement would have been nice. But I am fairly certain they think I am koo koo kachoo crazy with my cloth diapers, baltic amber teething necklaces, babywearing and natural parenting choices among other things. Oh well, just looking forward to spending Christmas with my family.

The only black friday shopping I did was order a car DVD player from for our trip. Two 7.5" screens that attach to the headrests for $60. Not too bad, and it will definitely be worth it for our trip down to So Cal alone and get plenty of use there after. Cyber Monday I just ordered a couple more flip seconds covers for $6.

Anyways, Chris is at basketball practice late tonight, so it's going to be a long day. Working on convincing Ellie she likes the Ergo. She's warming up to it and fell asleep in it earlier today. Micah on the other hand LOVES it, and asks to "get in the carrier" anytime he sees me put it on. At least he'll get some use out of it at Disneyland.

Well, off to nurse the babe. Have a great day everyone!
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