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Re: Did your DH/SO stay with you

I voted other. With our first, he did stay overnight but we were having our whole house refloored (smart on us, huh? We were convinced baby was going to be a week late and it would be done before baby arrived). So, he did lots of running back and forth trying to get the house prepped by moving clothes and furniture around. So, he wasn't around as much during the day but he did spend the night.

With our 2nd, I went in at 10:50pm, baby was born at 11:30pm. The next morning he went home to get his parents and ODS and did a little back and forth driving them around since they are from out of town and don't know the area. He spent that night with me then we went home the next morning.

With the 3rd, DS was born at 3:30am and I was checking out by 3:30pm. He stayed with me until about 8am and went back to our neighbors to get our older boys to come visit me. He took them to lunch and my neighbor came and got them, and he helped me get checked out.

So, with all 3, I was alone for decent amounts of time, but I was okay with that. He was taking care of our house or our other kids. The room was tiny every time and you can't rest anyway.

I wanted a natural birth for my first and would have been okay with a birth center but DH really wanted the hospital for that rare chance of something happening. I tried to talk him into a birth center for the 2nd one, but our insurance wouldn't have covered as much and he didn't want to pay out of pocket for it, and still wanted the "safety" of the hospital. My 1st was about a 15hr labor, the 2nd was 6 hrs and he was born 40 min after checking in. My 3rd labor was 2.5 hrs total and he was born 30 min after check in. If we have a 4th, I just may get that home birth I've always wanted!
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