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You may have seen my earlier post about my recent repeat C section, bUt what made it a much better experience was not having my arms strapped down, having the baby brought to me immediately so I could touch him. He wasn't able to be laid on my chest during the procedure, but dh was holding him & I could touch his hands, stroke his face, etc. While I was put back together dh went with the baby to the nursery for weighing, etc. As soon as I got to the recovery room, the nurse with me called to the nursery and DS was brought to me naked except for his diaper & wrapped in a blanket. He was immediately placed on my bare chest for skin to skin contact. He had not yet been given a bath. Even though I was still largely numb, he was on my chest & the nurse helped us to nurse with me still laying down. It was only after I was moved back to a regular room and I agreed to it was DS given his first bath. We had hours of skin to skin contact first. Anytime DS was out of our room for hearing tests, etc. Dh was permitted to go with him.

Eta-my doc routinely cuts out the old scar so you only have one scar.
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