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Bummed that it's the last day. Izzy had a great week last week and this one has been horrible. Blah. I dropped off Izzy at prek and took the littles on a few errands. I finally mailed off some coupons to Sarah. We went to the breadstore and June was excited to get her own "cookie card". The lady made me feel fabulous! Sshe said she loves when I come in because it's such a joy to see my kids. And that I'm a really great mom. It was such a hectic morning I almost hugged her. Oh. Then she handed me 3 packs of cookies. She looked at Caspian and said he can eat cookies now, right? He's got to be close to a year. Poor gigantic guy.

Naomi you got me all crazy looking at fabric cutters. Now I really really want a Silhouette Cameo. I'm just going to keep dreaming.
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