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Re: how early was your preemie,and when did they hit milestones?

Isaac was a 28 weeker and he started sitting up alone at 8 months, started crawling at 12 months -- Christmas day actually and he was born on Dec. 10th.... and he started walking at 15 months- all with the help of PT that he was getting since he was 7 months old through early intervention..... and he started speech at 3 years old and is still in it for a few minor articulation sounds (and he is almost 7) Which I would have started him in speech earlier.... my full term kiddos both had speech also -- the one I waited till she was 3 -- she is still in it at 5 and my youngest I started at about 16 months and he was discharged from it with SUPER articulation and language skills at 29 months.... I totally totally believe in early intervention.. the longer its put off the longer the intervention... personal experinece...
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