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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

My first c/s was traumatic for me- though it was necessary (dd arms were wrapped up around her head and folded backwards on top her head- she was wedged in my pelvis, and came out with bruises on both sides of her eyes and up and down both arms because of the way she was stuck during 13 hours labor) during the c/s the docs wouldn't listen to me when I told them I was dizzy- I can't lay flat on my back without my head being raised at least a little without getting dizzy. Well, between that and my blood pressure dropping, I passed out, missed DD moment of birth, and her first cries- all that- I don't really remember much until later when she had already been in the nursery for several hours, had a bath, been given a bottle of sugar water, etc.

Fast forward to DS birth- I was planning a VBAC, but started having contractions, which petered out after a few hours, but I thought my water had broken, called MW, who said to come in just to be checked- turns out it wasn't broken, but I changed my mind while there, and decided to just have the repeat c/s- mentally, I was done with being pg (it was 2 days before my actual dd)

It turned out that my second c/s was very healing for me in terms of being a positive experience that overshadowed my DD c/s. Everything was different this time- the mw stayed with me and my DH, they made sure my head was raised a bit so I didn't get dizzy, kept good control of my BP, told me everything that they were doing as they did it. They held DS up for me to see all bloody and gunky, and had positioned the warmer and scale where I could see them- so I could see DS while they checked him over- and I got to see him being weighed for the first time right then. they wrapped him and DH held him while they finished on me, then once they put me back on the gurney, they handed him to me while I was still in the OR and I was able to latch him once they got us int othe recovery room a couple minutes after that.

The whole hospital stay DS only left my side a couple times- and that was at my request so I could get a couple hours sleep- and they brought him back as soon as he started rooting so I could nurse him again.

This pg, I am planning a VBAC again, but we will see- I have placenta previa- but it has moved a lot according to the u/s we had on friday, doc thinks it will move in time. I really am preparing myself for a VBAC, but am at peace with the fact I may need to have another c/s- or I may decide last minute to change my mind- I'm keeping my options open :-)
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