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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

First of all I want to thank EVERYONE for sharing BOTH your expierences and your plans for future births!! I feel like having a plan in set is SUPER important to me.. especially for after she is out of me.. I feel like thats more important to me then the actual procedure.. BUT without you ladies I would have NO IDEA what to ask for or mention to the dr come the 8th when i go.. I had no idea about the spinal vs the epidural.. i didnt even think they would hold my arms down.. my mom mentioned it to me today and i was like oh hell no... and she said YOU HAVE TO but it was 26 years ago she had her section Im sooo happy i have these thoughts and questions for my dr!!

I have a horribly high scar that is HUGE still even 2 years later! Dr said she plans on going waaay lower then the one i have and not use this one.. im totally okay with that especially since PP said it will take less time to get through and put back together.. HOLY cow you guys.. that reeeally freaks me out.. I kinda figured it was quicker then that... 30 min to "put everything back together" is a loooong time!! that reeeally freaks me out.. ugh.. i hope i goes by fast...

PP said that she freaked out about not having baby with her at all times because of the thought of family and everyone holding him/her before her.. HOLY cow im so stinkin selfish this is one of my biggest fears :X ... After DS was born I refused to let anyone have him... it was hard for me to let ANYONE have him in the hopsital or at home.. it took me weeks to let go of him.. i slept with him in my arms NO JOKE for the first 3 months... SO i reeeally need things to go smoothly.. I dont want to be so crazy this time

AH you ladies totally rock! im bumping this up for more ideas , stories and expierences!

sorry i suck at spelling!!
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