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Re: apnea monitor families

wow, i cant believe hes been on the monitor for over two months!! Crazy how fast its gone by! I need to do something for him with the belt it really does leave marks (super sensitive skin) even when i put it on more loosely (not enough for it to set alarms off) ive tried replacing the belts more frequently (so they are as squishy as possible) and still having an issue..

to the PP who posted about making theirs, would you mind sharing photos?

how ya' like that birthmark hes my only child out of three with a large birthmark.. i love the depigmentation, kinda makes me smile it sorta looks like a streatched 3 one way and an E the other way in person (pic doesnt really show it well) which i think is super neat

oh and yes his diaper is on backwards.. we were trying to figure out how to put the diaper on (babyland) without having wing droop.. it didnt work lol
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