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Re: Live Clean Baby diaper cream?

Originally Posted by MaMaJodiapers View Post
I love the live clean unpetroleum jelly- that is all we use. Also love their bath wash for kids. the diaper cream, in my opinion, is no different than any other zinc oxide cream and is not recommended at all by some pediatricians. My ped says that is the worse thing to put on rashes. And my son Rafi, any time i take out any zinc cream, he tells me that it burns. The only one i like for redness is the Aveeno
Thanks, we've been using live clean since September and it seems to do the job. I don't use zinc at home, but at daycare it's that or nothing.

Originally Posted by MaMaJodiapers View Post
Aveeno also has parabens. Methylparaben and Propylparaben.
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