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Well, let me start by saying that regardless of what is going on with your son, the teacher shoudn't be saying he is horrible! It is possible to find teachers that can love and teach kids that have difficulties. I have 2 children with ADHD combined type. That is where they show both hyperactivity, impulsiveness and such with the lack of paying attention. The mama that desribed her daughter has also described both of my children but my son has it much worse than my daughter.

With my son it was obvious that something was going on by 3. He also had a really bad preschool experience, the teacher never called him horrible to my face but I am sure from her attitude that she had a very difficult time with him. To their credit they kept him in school all year even though he did have a lot of problems with agresiveness. He was diagnosed at 4 by his pediatrician but the mental health called it oppostional defiance disorder bc they don't usually diagnose ADHD that young. He was on meds then but they just made him all dopey and sleepy so we stopped them The official ADHD diagnosis came at the end of 1st grade after he was expelled from school. This past Dec. he started meds for the 3rd time and they have worked miracles. He was on the verge of expulsion and now he has almost completed the year. As hard as this is to admit, we were so deperate back in Dec. that we were looking for residential programs to send him to. Life was unbearable here. Now he can actually do all the good that he said he wanted to.

My daughter on the other hand did not have any obvious symptoms until the last 2 years or so. Once she started school they were more apparent but I never would have guessed early on. After my son's success with meds in Dec., I saw my daughter in the light of what was really going on. She has ADHD too. Without the constant distraction of my son't problems I was able to see the same patterns he had in her behavior and this time we sought help immediately. If putting her on medication can prevent her from the heartbreak my son had encountered in his life than I am completely willing to do it.

I also had tried many other methods with my son but they didn't do what Concerta has. My son can actually play outside with other kids now. To many people this is something they just assume kids can do if you have shown them manners, let me tell you, for my son this is the greatest gift. He used to pray for it EVERY night and now he has it. I encourage you to continue to love your son like no one else can and be watchful so that you can see with the truth and get him help (IF he really does needs it) before he has to suffer like my son did. to both of you. You are welcome to PM me if you have any questions about my kids or just want encouragement!
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